Honorary President of HK International Kung Fu Festival

Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong on 7th April, 1954. At the age of seven, he enrolled in China Drama Academy to learn martial arts, acrobatics, singing, and acting. The school was meant to prepare boys for a life in the Peking Opera, and it is here he met a talented group of actors including Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, who later became known as ‘The Seven Little Fortunes’. When he was eight years old, Jackie made his acting debut in the Cantonese film ‘Seven Little Valiant Fighters: Big and Little Wong Tin Bar’.

When he graduated from China Drama Academy Jackie entered the booming film industry as a stuntsman. In 1976 he starred in ‘New Fist of Fury’ and made his first breakthrough with ‘Snake in Eagle’s Shadow’, closely followed by ‘Drunken Master’ and ‘Fearless Hyena’, which he also directed. With these films Jackie created a new style of kung fu film that combines breakneck martial arts stunts with humour, propelling him to Asian, and eventually Hollywood stardom. However, in spite of international success Jackie remains committed to Hong Kong cinema and spends much of his free time on charity work and promoting Hong Kong.

CEO of Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival and International Guoshu Association

Hing Chao has studied several different styles of southern Chinese martial arts, holds a second dan black belt in Budokan style karate, and is a qualified instructor in kick-boxing. Besides his martial arts interests he is a pioneer in the research and cultural revival of indigenous cultures. Since founding the Orochen Foundation in 2004 he has been active in documenting, promoting, and preserving endangered cultural traditions in northeast China, focusing on numerically small, marginalized ethnic minorities, and is the writer and editor for the Uncooked magazine. Over the last few years, Chao has given talks and lectures at international conferences and leading academic institutes in Hong Kong, China, and overseas. Under his initiative, the National Museum of Ethnology in China launched an international campaign to protect Orochen heritage in 2006. He is also the founder and executive editor of Journal of Chinese Martial Studies.

Director of Hong Kong International KungFu Festival and President of International Guoshu Association

Dr. Ma Lianzhen is third generation master of Tongbei martial studies, secretary-general of Guangdong Bruce Lee Research Association, founder and editor of Journal of Chinese Martial Studies, and chief instructor of the Guangdong provincial Muay Thai team. Dr. Ma is also a qualified first grade national sanshou referee, and recently served as chief referee at 2008 International Wing Chun Sticky Hands Competition (China). He has published dozens of academic papers and teaches at the Sports Science College of SCNU (South China Normal University).

Non-Executive Director of Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival

Gordon Lam is Associate Publisher and Creative director of PRESTIGE MAGAZINE, since 2005 the top luxury publication for social elites and trendsetters in Hong Kong, as well as POWER and COTAI STYLE MACAU magazines. Since graduating from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication with an honours degree in fashion and textiles, Gordon has worked as a fashion designer and played a leading role in promoting some of the hottest and most exclusive clubs in London.

Returning to Hong Kong in 1998, he has been the creative force behind many successful companies such as G-Spot Production, a renowned PR and Production Company specializing in event management for top International fashion brands. He is also the co-founder of Dragon-I (2002), a world-class restaurant / club which brought a new dimension and experience to night entertainment in Hong Kong.

Gordon has been involved with traditional martial arts since 2004 and is an avid promoter and follower of a martial art style called 'Tai Shing Pek Kwar Koon'. In April 2005, in partnership with Shaw Brothers' Studio, Gordon collaborated with international fashion brand 'Shanghai Tang' on an experimental Kung Fu collection that combined authentic martial arts, urban culture and street fashion.

Gordon is a walking example of what he preaches - preserving ancient Chinese culture while giving it a modern, contemporary taste.

Chairman of International Guoshu Association

Porf. Ma is also professor of history at Jinan University and holds visiting professorships at Northwestern University of Nationalities, Northwestern Normal University, and Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education. In addition, he chairs Guangdong Martial Arts Research Society and Guangdong Bruce Lee Research Society. Prof. Ma has published widely across different disciplines, including ancient Chinese history, classical literature, Chinese sports history, Chinese classical philology, and Chinese Islamic history. Hailing from one of the most prominent martial arts families in China, Prof. Ma is the pioneering scholar in Chinese martial studies with decades of research and practice in classical martial arts. He is an editorial member of Encyclopedia of Chinese Martial Arts (published 1995), and over the last thirty years has written extensively on martial arts theories and history, notably Shuo-jian-cong-gao and Wu-xue-tan-zhen (2 volumes), which are widely regarded as standard texts on China's martial arts and sports history. Today, he is devoted to promoting and reviving classical Chinese martial arts and indigenous sports. Last but not least, he is the founder and chief editor of Journal of Chinese Martial Studies, currently the only international academic journal on China's martial culture.

Mr. Siuming Tsui
Chief Director of Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival

Graduated in Guangzhou Jinan University in China with Master's Degree of Literature and Art, Siuming Tsui is currently Chief Operating Officer of i-CABLE Satellite Television Ltd., the President of Sundream Motion Pictures Limited, and the Executive Director of i-CABLE International Distribution Limited. He is also the Adjunct Professor of Communication University of China.

Born in an artistic family with both parents as performers, Siuming took Chinese opera training at the age of five and started learning kung fu when he was nine. Soon after he began his career in film and quickly achieved fame not only in Hong Kong but in South East Asia, and particularly China. At the age of seventeen, Siuming started to worked as martial arts consultant and later became film producer and director. In 1973, Siuming joined Rediffusion Television Limited (“RTV”) as an Aactor. He switched to production and gradually became executive producer, and was further promoted to production controller. Siuming's influential TV series included 【Chameleon】(變色龍)、【The Reincarnated】(天蠶變)、【Legendary Fok】(霍元甲)、【The Fist】(陳真)、【Tiger Hill Trail】(再向虎山行) and 【Fatherland】(大地恩情). 【Legendary Fok】(霍元甲) took TV fans in China by storm in 1982 and was awarded「The Best TV Series」(Golden Eagle) in 1982.

Siuming made over a hundred films and most of them carry features of Chinese martial arts. 【The Buddist Fist】(佛掌羅漢拳), directed and acted in 1979, was highly regarded in martial arts circles and greatly appreciated by kung fu fans. In early 80's, he pioneered a professional movie production team to assist in developing the film industry of China and training up the new generation of martial art directors. This venture led to the creation of a series of ground-breaking films such as 【The Holy Robe of Shaolin Temple】(木棉袈裟), 【Mirage】(海市蜃樓) and【Bury Me High】(霸王御甲). 【The Holy Robe of Shaolin Temple】(木棉袈裟) and【Mirage】(海市蜃樓).

Sundream Motion Pictures Limited, a strong new blood in Hong Kong film industry, was formed by Siuming in 2005. 【Champions】(奪標) , the latest film directed and produced by him, is an uplifting story that combined a patriotic spirit with real martial art elements, attracting and touching the heart of his audience. At the invitation of the organizers, the film inaugurated the opening of the Chinese American Film Festival in Nov 2008, which was held in Los Angeles, USA, and was awarded the 「Golden Angel Award」.

Project Director of International Guoshu Association

Guo is member of the teaching staff at the Sports Science College of SCNU, secretary-general of the Committee of Physical Education and Sports at SCNU, committee member of University Students' Taekwondo Association, secretary-general of Guangdong Wushu Association, vice-Secretary-general of Guangdong Bruce Lee Research Association, vice-secretary-general of Guangdong Traditional Martial Arts Research Association, and vice-chairman of Guangzhou Mo's Family Style Boxing Association. Both as an athlete and as researcher, Guo has made outstanding contributions to martial arts development in China, having won many medals in provincial and national level martial arts competitions, and organized diverse sports competitions, including 2007 National Wushu Championship, 2001 National University Students' Athletic Championship, 2007 National University Students' Soccer League, 2007 National Minority Games, and 2005 National North-South Sanda Competition, etc. Guo is among the youngest martial artists in China to attain sixth dan and has been awarded numerous titles including 'First Grade National Martial Artist'.

Vice Project Director of International Guoshu Association

Teng graduated from German Sports University and is a leading figure in sports development in China today. Dr. Teng is the president of Sino-Germany Sport Communication Centre, director of Sino-Germany Sports Study Centre at Beijing University, president and founder of International Qiankun Taiji Association, president of Cologne Taiji-dao association, and honorary president of Belgium Taiji and Daoyin School.

Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival is a calendar event to celebrate China's 60th Anniversary.